Study conditions

15th June 2015, Deadline for applications extended
30 participants each year                                                                                                   

The International Summer Academy Wismar for Architecture, Design and Art is open for students and young professionals. Moreover, sixth former/ highschool students and trainees are invited.

On booking, the participant have to be of full legal age. That means for Germany not less than 18 years.
The following documents should be sent along with the application form by e-mail attachments, post or as fax.

Application Form 2015

Please sent three work samples (Maximum size for posting: DinA 4 or in digital form) with your application and a curriculum vitae. No originals, please! We cannot be held liable for documents sent and could not sent you the documents back. The deadline for application is the 15th of May each year.

If you need a invitation for your visa, please sent us a copy of your passport. We need the number of the passport, your adress, your birthday and your birthplace. We will inform you some days after when we receive your application and send you a arrival notice. The definite confirmation of participation we sent at the latest end of May.

Hochschule Wismar,
Universiy of Applied Sciences:
Technology, Business and Design
International Summer Academy Wismar
Mr. Paul Evermann
Philipp-Müller-Straße 14
23966 Wismar


0049 3841 753 7134

0049 3841 753 7189

Course fees

Reducted                                            349 Euro
Young Professional                             449 Euro

Fee for one Main Course for Architecture, Design or Art for three weeks plus Basic Courses from Monday to Friday, for one participaint, non-recurring fee.

Students, sixth former/ highscholl students and trainees need an additional document (like a copy of the study ID) to get the reducted fee.

Duration It is not possible to attend a course for one week only. One person could only take part for the hole time of the International Summer Academy Wismar.

Material costs Each class has an minimal extra fixed budget for material costs. The lecturer manage it in confer with the organisation. Any costs incurred over and above this must be met by the participants themselves.

Cost of sales Accomondation, excursion (The charge for the excursion depends on the number of participants. Travel costs and charge for the entrance card in the exhibition divided by participants), Culinary-Art of Dining (circa 5 Euro per evening an person), Surfing (45 Euro), Rent a Bike (25 Euro plus 5 Euro per collateral for the bike look). That is all optional.


01.07., deadline receipt of payment

The tuition fee must be entered in the International Summer Academy Wismar account by 1 July for each year. Do not forget, the bank transfer need some more time from foreign countries. It would be helpful, if you sent us after the bank transfer a copy of your remittance slip per email.

Bank details

Internationale Sommerakademie Wismar
bank account: Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Rostock
sort code: 130 000 00
account no.: 140 015 18
subject: Sommerakademie Wismar, Your Name, 7167120189937

For international transfers

IBAN: DE26 1300 0000 0014 0015 18

Please, do not forget to write all 3 things (1. Sommerakademie Wismar, 2. your name, for example "Mrs. Maria Milano" 3. the number 7167120022355) really in the subject matter. So we will have it a little bit more easier and could find easier your fee. Thank you!

With the filed application form and the definite confirmation the participation is obligatory. The application obligates to pay.

The fees cover the costs of participation in the main course and the basic courses including the fixed buget for the material and the use of the rooms, studios and home furnishings to the opening times of the Summer Academy.

Certificat | ECTS

5 ECTS-points

With successful participation over the whole course period the participants receive a certificate and 5 ECTS-points. This is the equivalent of 4 hours compulsory choice in our Master's programm.


In the case of "force majeure", illness or a death in the family, accepts the cancellation of the participation and the partial refund of 30%.

An immediate cancellation with proof of the cause is absolutely necessary, otherwise can not take a pro rata refund of the registration fee and the hole tution fee will be charged.

If "force majeure", illness or a death in the family is not the case, can be neither a cancellation of participation still a pro rated refund of the tution fee. Other reasons, such as program changes or dissatisfaction, do not entitle the cancellation and refund of the registration fee.


The International Summer Academy Wismar is not liable for accidents, theft or damages of any other kind for the whole duration of the courses, support programs and excursions. Please note that in your planning. The participant have to take care of his own health insurance and insurance for a stay abroad.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you in Wismar!



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