The programme for the 20th Summer Academy Wismar we will publicate in the beginning of 2015.

Sa, Lübeck | Sa, Hamburg, 2014

Lübeck The Hanseatic town of Lübeck has a great variety of historic buildings and picturesque places. The town was founded in the 12th century and rapidly became one of the leading medieval centres for trade and culture on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Even today you can still feel the medieval spirit in the narrow streets and silent courtyards of the ancient town.

Not only does the Summer Academy invite you to discover the old buildings and impressive brick churches, but it also gives you the opportunity to see the vivid scene of contemporary art manifesting itself in the exhibitions of St. Peter's church or the St.-Annen-Museum. Of course, you will also have time to try Lübeck's most famous speciality: the marzipan that has been produced by the family-owned brand Niederegger since 1806.

Hamburg The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Here you find the HafenCity and the Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district in the world built on oak stakes. Hamburg has more than 40 theatres, 60 museums and 100 entertainment venues, and various clubs. A walk through the Hanseatic City of Hamburg will allow you to catch a glimpse of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, the Alsterarkaden, the Kontorhausviertel and the Chile-Haus.

Erik Maroko studied at the Hochschule Wismar and graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture. His main research interest lies in the field of history and art theory within the context of architecture. Since 2010 he has been researching and writing his PhD.

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