Basic Courses 2015


Nora ZimmermannI Produktdesign 27.07-31.07 2015 9-12 Uhr

Alexander Schmidt I Druck 03.08-07.08 2015 9-12 Uhr

Iris Vom Stein I Fotografie 10.08-14.08 2015 9-12 Uhr


Product Design

Paperworks.Cut.Fold.Stick.                                                             Aim of the workshop will be to develop an object which is made from cardboard - shelfes, stools, table etc. Based on experimental paper models the participants will approach the final subject. By the faculties means like the cutting plotter machine the previous models can be transformed into prototypes.

Nora is an interior designer and works in the studio nord | ost in Wismar. Here Nora (right) works withs participants.


MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.Printing Without Pressure                             Action. Horror. Lovestory. Animal. Commedy.                                    Movie Poster have a repeating style which often becomes a               cliché. Man with a gun, woman with long legs, back to back, one big eye, red white black. Photography is the most common way to present the charakter in a simple and impressive way. By doing that, the movie poster becomes a replaceable picture. Most of the time, stylistic and creative exceptions are rare. What happens if the poster is created in a very different way? This workshop will show you how to do a picture with stencils, stamp and printing. We try to find our direction through the issue in a playful and straightforward kind of way. There are different questions to ask:

How to print in a very simple way?                                                     How to duplicate something without making copys?                          How to create something complex from simple shapes without using electronic devices like printer, pc, copier? Is there a way to print without pressure, or is it a mission impossible?               

The slogan is: Loose to win!

Further issues:

Figure / Title / Chraracter / Mood /Genre / Isnpiration / Mash Up / Movie Poster from Ghana / Trash Movies / Low Fi Ed Wood / Overprinting / Layer / Colorgrading / Patterns / Shapes / Pixel/ Composition / Variation / Cork / Stencil / Stamp / Cast



Alexander Schmidt. The Halle born Diplom Grafic Designer Alexander Schmidt started his career at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts and Design Halle. Since his Graduation he works as a Cofounder of the Studio Zyklop  in Leipzig and Halle. 2011 he was awarded with a bursary by the Saxony-Anhalt Arts Foundation and with a three month travel bursary in New York 2014 .



Studio production and editing of pictures with Photoshop. Personal topics and ideas are asked for in this course and their artistic implementation will be supported in adequate style. The digital takes can be developed at the computer in terms of content and ideas. Possibilities of digital image processing (Photoshop) such as adding, reducing and other alienation techniques are also taught, as well as different forms of presentation.



Iris vom Stein. Photographer and designer. After having completed an apprenticeship as a photographer, Iris vom Stein studied at the UDK - University of the Arts Berlin and at the Academy for Multimedia in Berlin. She mainly works in photography, video, and web design.

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